Abount SR Jindal Group

Synthetic Leather Plant Infrastructure

We are a customer driven organization committed to meeting our customer’s needs by supplying value added products and services. We understand the demand for higher product quality, superior performance and cost effectiveness.

We believe discipline, flexibility and constant willingness to support our customers.

We want to contribute customer success by supplying them quality product with the best of our services. ”We want to earn profit through customer satisfaction and belief.”

Our prime corporate mantra of “responsibility by heart" alludes us to pre-emptively taking the appropriate action instead of reacting after the event.

In the synthetic leather division we have two LINES OF ISOTEX AND RECOMO with a production capacity of 12,00,000 linear meters per month. Jindal is the one and only plant in India having all Imported Machineries from Italy and Taiwan. Our all key personnel are from the same industry having very vast experience.

Production Line 1

This Italian 'state of the art' line was installed in 2006 with a vision to produce best quality synthetic leather. This made in Italy, computerized, 4 head PU/PVC production line have a capacity to produce 600,000 meter per month. The line is equipped with online embossing which reduces the overall production time as well as cost too

Production Line 2

Second Italian line was imported and installed in 2008 to enhance overall production capacity. The line have a capacity to produce 600,000 meter per month. This production line is fully computerized which helps us to maintain continues production of quality products.

Printing Machine

We have installed four printing machines. Out of these one machines is made in Italy and other three are from Taiwan. All of these machines are Three Head Printing Machine which allow us a freedom to produce a large number of design and color options.

Embossing Machine

Currently we have three embossing machines. Out of these machines one is made in Italy and other two are from Taiwan. The Italian machine is steel roller embossing machine and other are capable to use vacuum as well as steel rollers.

Tumbling Machine

We have one tumbling machine and one squeezer machine. These machines helps us to make our product feel like real leather.

Power Backup

a. DG Set

We have installed five DG Set of total power backup up to 2500 KVA to meet our power backup requirements in case of power supply failure from main grid line.

b. UPS System

To maintain the product quality we have installed 5 online UPS of total capacity up to 1150 KAV. These UPS are to provide uninterrupted power supply in case of power failure and keep machines at running condition between changeover from main power supply to DG set and vice versa. This is very essential to provide consistent quality of our product.

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