About United Decoratives Private Limited

The Company

In the year 1986, young entrepreneur and visionary, Mr. R.K. Jindal diversified into ZIPPERS. His perspicacity and sharp business acumen is driven by a strong desire for boundless knowledge and achievement. The immense progress has been accomplished on the foundation of integrity, dedication to work, excellence in quality, commitment to customers, out of the box approach and responsibility to community and environment.

In 1990, he was the pioneer for setting up the first and only integrated BUTTON manufacturing unit in India, with the most advanced machineries and know-how from Italy. It stands unmatched with unparallel distinction in global standard for quality, innovation, technology, production and customer satisfaction. 1999 witnessed the introduction of state- of- the- art unit for Metal Snap Fasteners , the one and only manufacturing unit in India.

Our Vision & Quality

Belief in the vision of significance of quality, business diversification and international foray towards expansion has once again manifested in a leading technologically advanced plant for SYNTHETIC LEATHER in India.

The Jindal Synthetic Leather plant was established in the year 2006 under the name of United Decoratives Private Limited, an ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Company. United Decoratives Private Limited is one of the unit of Jindal family which is very well known in the field of steel pipes, stainless steel, cold rolling, PVC pipes, polyester buttons, polyester resin, metal snap fasteners, etc.

Our Policy

Our policy of excellence and quality to the very core has once again propelled the company as the premier plant in India with product know-how and technological guidance from the best international experts and handpicked dedicated work force. The total capacity of the plant is about 1,200,000 LM per month. In our company we can cater to customer’s requirement in 100% PU, PU/ PVC and 100% PVC.

The main focus of the company is to cater to footwear, furnishing, car upholstery, leather goods, baggage with consistent quality and continous development. The company always believes in customer satisfaction by supplying them quality products with the best of services. One would appreciate that one can achieve quality by the perfect combination of machinery and quality people. Our all key persons have very vast experience in synthetic leather industry. We always believe in upgrading our technology to International standards and for that we have world’s renowned technicians from Italy, Taiwan and China.

We Have Procured

We have procured the most technologically advanced, state of the art computerized machineries from Italy (pioneer for synthetic leather innovation), with integrated online customized software for interconnectivity between each and every process and unit. As per the groups traditions we have come up with a complete Italian plant including four-head coating line, mixers, printing and embossing from ISOTEX and MATEX Italy along with key laboratory equipments etc. Recently we have also added machines such as punching, vaccum and silicon embossing, roller coater and spray booth which again proves our commitment towards continuous improvement in our technology of new generation products.

Our Key Focus & USP

Our key focus and USP are high premium quality, automation in technology, our team of qualified engineers, international experts, constant innovation and market research, consistency in repeat orders, variation, diversity and customized Reasearch and Developemnt for respected industry, flexibility, visibility, accessibility, customized sampling, production strength and capacity, on-time delivery, close working relationship with customers, customer satisfaction and service.